Composition of the course : Strombafort (active ingredient stanozolol) + Clenbuterol (active ingredient clenbuterol) + Clomid (active ingredient clomiphene citrate)

The course includes: 180 tablets of strombafort, 80 tablets of clenbuterol and 20 tablets of clomid on PCT (post-cycle therapy or “exit”)

Duration : 6.5 weeks + 3 weeks PCT

This course is designed for male athletes, especially for girls, a separate course for weight loss has been compiled.

The concept of a course for drying is very conditional. Further, under this concept we will mean, first of all, the burning of subcutaneous fat and giving the muscles relief. Speaking about the course of clenbuterol + stanozolol, we mean a course for burning fat without losing muscle mass. At the same time, there is no need to talk about mass collection. If the task is to recruit high-quality dry mass, we advise you to look at the course we have compiled for dry mass.

Fundamental differences from the course on weight not only in the choice of drugs, but also in the low-calorie diet with the addition of aerobic training.

We chose stanozolol and clenbuterol as the main drugs for the drying course.

Effect of the course on drying:

  • intense burning of subcutaneous fat
  • increase in strength indicators
  • pronounced drawing of the relief, venousness
  • anti-catabolic effect (does not damage muscle tissue)

The maximum result can be achieved by observing the dosage of drugs, a low-calorie diet and a complex of aerobic loads on the course.

How to take a course for drying:

A detailed scheme of taking the course by day can be found by phone

To begin with, in addition to our preparations, you need to buy 40 ketotifen tablets at the pharmacy. It will be useful for you during the course.

Throughout the entire stage of the course, we will take stanozolol – a classic drug to remove water from the body and give the athlete’s body maximum relief. From the second week we will add clenbuterol – a drug for active fat burning. Clenbuterol has features that must be taken into account when drawing up a course. Usually, after 2 weeks of using the course, a gradual addiction occurs (the body becomes more tolerant) to the drug. To do this, we constantly increase the dosage and on the 22nd day we add ketotifen, which will help enhance the effect of the course and eliminate most of the side effects of clenbuterol.
On PCT (post-cycle therapy) we use Clomid.

Scheme of taking stanozolol on the course:
day 1-45: 4 tablets of stanozolol per day, after 4-5 hours one tablet

Scheme of taking clenbuterol on the course:
day 8-11: half a pill in the morning, half a pill at 6 pm
day 12-23: 1 tablet weary, 1 tablet at 6 pm
day 24-36: 2 tablets in the morning, 2 tablets at 6 pm

Scheme of taking ketotifen on the course:
day 22-26: one tablet (1 mg) at the same time with each dose of clenbuterol
day 27-36: 1.5 tablets (1.5 mg) at the same time with each intake of clenbuterol

Scheme of taking clomid on PCT:
day 46-47: 2 tablets
day 48-59: 1 tablet
day 60-67: 0.5 tablets

Side effects of the drying course

  • trembling
  • sweating
  • insomnia
  • accelerated heartbeat
  • increased blood pressure
  • nausea
  • convulsions
  • “dry” joints and ligaments

Most of the side effects of clenbuterol are expressed only at the initial stage of the course, then they are neutralized by taking ketotifen. There are no irreversible side effects, so there is practically no harm to health. You need to be careful with stanozolol, keep in mind that the drug strongly removes water from the body, therefore, the risk of injury to joints and ligaments is significantly increased. Before training, you need to warm up more and keep in mind the vulnerability of the joints during exercise.