New generation bodybuilding

Every sport requires an investment of effort and money. Not every athlete can gain the required muscle volume due to the genetic characteristics of the body structure. In this case, various auxiliary preparations of a hormonal nature will help. Innovative technologies have made it possible to create long-acting steroids that do not cause side effects. In professional sports, anabolics were officially banned several decades ago. This did not affect their popularity, and athletes still resort to their help. Modern bodybuilders have not only bulky muscles, strength, but also health. Thanks to new training technologies and proper nutrition, the result is the fastest possible effect. If you do not have enough information, you can call our consultants by free phone or ask a question online.

Conditions for muscle growth

Bodybuilding of the new generation implies adherence to a number of rules that lead to a positive result. Beginners are required to consult with a trainer and be screened for contraindications. Do not forget the iron sport that loads the joints. With certain diseases, due to individual characteristics, heavy loads are contraindicated for some athletes. If everything is in order with your health, you can start gaining muscle mass. To do this, study the main rules:

  • Diet – ideally eat no more than 250 grams at a time 6 times a day. If you can’t eat on time, use sports supplements for snacks. This will saturate the cells with protein for proper development. Remember, hunger is caused by the release of the hormone cortisol, which breaks down muscle tissue.
  • Drink a lot – ideally, a person should get up to 3 liters of clean water. Additionally, you can use tea, coffee, juices, milk.
  • Cardio – don’t forget about cardio (running, squatting, orbit track). Without these additional exercises, it is impossible to achieve the desired cubes and even quality muscles.
  • Duration – if you delay the process, the body will begin to take calories from protein, which negatively affects muscle tissue, destroying it.
  • Stretching is activities that allow tissues to heal and find peace. Stiffness and feeling of heaviness disappear.
  • Training of small muscle sections – do not forget to develop small parts of the muscles, only an integrated approach guarantees success and growth rate.
  • Strength exercises – in parallel with pumping up muscles, you need to prepare the body for the development of strength.
  • Normalize the load – Beginners often make the biggest mistake by increasing their workouts, which leads to unpleasant consequences.
  • Rest – during rest, the muscles not only recover, but also grow. Taking a break will allow you to prepare for your new body work.
  • Cheat meal – This slogan is used among athletes. Constant restrictions on food expose the psychological state of a person to stress. Discomfort and constant restriction can lead to breakdown and eating of harmful foods. To prevent this from happening, indulge yourself with goodies of course in small quantities.
  • Steroids are time-tested drugs. They act on the level of testosterone in the blood, thereby increasing strength and mass, and increasing elasticity. Used by both beginners and professionals regardless of gender.

Exercise & Nutrition

Physical activity should be developed by the coach individually for each athlete. This allows you to take into account all the nuances and peculiarities, as well as avoid overtraining. There is a standard lesson scheme.

Recommendations. Warm up to avoid joint injuries. 6.

Exercise and Recommendations

  1. Performing a bench press on a bench.
    • You need to first go through a warm-up, and then do 8-12 working approaches.
  2. Working with dumbbells lying on the bench, spreading arms.
    • You will be able to achieve the relief and elasticity of the body, due to these actions.
  3. Exercising the triceps lying with a barbell.
    • It is required to do several repetitions not 10 times.
  4. Press lying on a bench with an incline.
    • Warm up to avoid joint injuries.
  5. Workout on uneven bars.
    • You need to do as many approaches as possible.
  6. Pulling up.
    • At least 5 sets are required if physically possible.
  7. Working out the biceps.
    • Do not forget to warm up before training.
  8. Dumbbell snatch.
    • We do 4 sets of 8 times.
  9. Squats.
    • The presence of a trainer is required, you should not do these actions yourself.
  10. Deadlift.
    • During classes, many parts of the body are worked out.

It is necessary not only to choose the right methodology and training scheme, but also to develop a healthy diet. To do this, you need to exclude all harmful products and observe the diet and day. To understand all the intricacies, use a specific checklist that will help you avoid hunger and will give you building material for muscles:

  • Meat is a protein necessary for all athletes, the best option for a bodybuilder would be chicken breast or lean beef, you can replace it with a rabbit.
  • Fish – low-fat varieties will saturate the body not only with protein, but also with the necessary substances to strengthen bones and joints, have a beneficial effect on vision and metabolism.
  • Milk – It is ideal to use natural yogurt or kefir. It improves digestion and is an additional source of useful components.
  • Fruits and vegetables are a source of vitamins and amino acids, which are essential for the tired athlete. Allows to increase energy potential and reduce fatigue.

Pharmacological preparations for muscle growth

Pharmacological preparations have been used in sports for more than one decade. They affect the body, at the hormonal level, allowing you to increase the physical potential several times. Among the most common remedies is Methandienone. Acts to speed up the process and improve the quality of training. Has a lot of additional properties. Suitable for both men and girls. Absolutely safe, does not cause severe side effects. Contraindicated in adolescents and people with chronic and genetic diseases. You can familiarize yourself with a more expanded range of sports goods on our website:

Rapid muscle growth is impossible without rest

Sleep – during a night’s rest, biological and biochemical reactions occur in the organum. In athletes, during sleep, muscle tissue grows and regenerates, which allows them to maintain the gained volume and avoid subsequent rollback.

Recovery – rest between workouts is a necessary part of an athlete’s life. It is ideal to rest 3 times a week if sport is the main profession. In ordinary life, a person experiences additional stress, goes to work, takes care of children. For this reason, if you feel you are not getting enough rest, you should extend your recovery time.


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