How to burn excess body fat, not muscle

Subcutaneous and visceral (internal) fat accumulate in the body for different reasons. This problem concerns not only the elderly, but also fairly young boys and girls. Obesity leads to many problems and diseases. First of all, the internal organs, joints, the digestive system are affected. A person develops an inferiority complex, worsens physical and emotional state. To overcome this problem, you must first identify the cause. Many people follow a strict diet, but after a certain period of time the weight returns to a greater size.

This requires an integrated approach. First you need to be examined and tested for a number of diseases. After the absence of any diagnosis, you can start effective weight loss. To lose weight quickly without sagging skin, go to the gym or exercise at home. There are a number of sports where a person can use exercise to convert fat formations into muscle (bodybuilding, strength training, fitness). Many girls, due to ignorance, prefer yoga in the early stages. From the point of view of specialists, a person with a large weight is not recommended this kind of sport due to possible injuries during training. At home, you can develop a specific exercise regimen that will effectively burn calories. It is enough at the first stage of losing weight to run in the morning for several hours and train the muscles of the abdomen, buttocks, and legs.

Can you build muscle and lose fat at the same time?

Building muscle mass while dieting is difficult but possible. Due to its physiology and due to the low metabolic rate, it is sometimes difficult to do this. In this case, you need to use not only diet and exercise, but also additional sports supplements. The best option for beginners losing weight would be the following scheme:

  • Work out 2-3 hours a day, bet on a series of exercises that will help remove savings from the most problem areas.
  • Taking anabolic steroids or growth hormone (Masteron, Winstrol, Nandrolone). These drugs do not cause hormonal disturbances and have powerful effects. Suitable for people without a history of medical conditions.
  • Use of sports supplements (proteins, gainers, amino acids, vitamins).
  • The use of fat burners (Clenbuterol, Triiodothyronine).
  • Drinking clean water. Juices, tea, smoothies, cocktails are not suitable. The volume of liquid you drink should not be less than 2 liters.
  • Taking sedatives to normalize emotional problems.
  • Healthy sleep for at least 8 hours.
  • In addition, visit a massage therapist, this will evenly get rid of the accumulations.
  • If possible, visit the pool a couple of times a week, this will speed up the result.
  • Cosmetological procedures such as: body wrap, laser lipolysis, cryolipolysis, acupuncture, Charcot shower, vacuum massage, baths.
  • You need to follow a diet wisely and use healthy foods with a predominance of protein (lean meat, fish, eggs, milk, cottage cheese). There should be fruits and vegetables on the table, as well as more greens. Eliminate unhealthy carbohydrates by cutting out sweets and sugar, and reduce the amount of salt to a minimum.
  • To find out the constant number of consumed and burned calories, you can use special applications from the Internet, with a counting table.

The Right Supplements For Fat Burning

  • Proteins – Pure Protein Sports Nutrition is used to boost muscle growth. Saturates muscle cells, building material. Helps reduce hunger between meals.
  • Multivitamins – It is not always possible to supplement the diet with food on your own. Along with food, harmful dyes, preservatives, and nitrates enter the body. With the help of vitamins, you will speed up the process and will always be in good shape. Strengthens the immune system, improves digestion and sleep.
  • BCAA – are building materials for the muscular system, prevent catabolism, and improve digestion. Safe products are suitable for everyone, there are no contraindications.
  • Thermogenetics – promote the rapid breakdown of adipose tissue and excretion of excess without harm to humans. They increase body temperature, which speeds up all reactions. They have additional properties, increasing the flow of energy and strength.
  • Glutamine – strengthens the immune system, saturating with inexhaustible energy and strength. Prevents catabolism, allowing you to maintain the gained volume. Accelerates the production of protein, makes the muscles elastic. It differs from other products in its effect on the elimination of toxins.
  • L – arginine – directly affects the work of all organs, eliminating not only fat, but also increases muscle mass. Saturates cells with nitrogen, which is important during a course to get rid of extra pounds. Promotes endurance, strengthens the immune system.

Fat burners: types and principle of action

  • Clenbuterol is a drug known since the 20th century, not only for athletes, but also for overweight people. It is a powerful fat burner, promotes effective weight loss, even in difficult cases of obesity. Gives strength and energy during physical activity.
  • Reduxin has been used in medicine for more than one year. The principle is the effect of decreased appetite. A person during the period of application loses kilograms, and does not experience dependence on food.
  • Triiodothyronine is a synthetic analogue of a natural hormone responsible for human weight. With a lack of substance, changes occur in the digestive and hormonal systems, all organs suffer, which leads to a set of extra pounds.
  • Natural Fat Burners – products that contain extracts of various plants of caffeine, geranium or ephedra. Supplements of this type can be used in combination with other products.
  • Steroids are an extreme method of intervention. They are used more often in sports, they have a number of contraindications. It is not recommended to use them without a doctor’s prescription. They act quickly, as they are analogs of natural hormones.

Features for women

The system of the female body is different from the stronger sex. In many cases, the problems associated with weight gain in girls are associated with their natural origins. The fair sex suffer from obesity in the postpartum period, if they do not follow the recommendations of doctors, changes also occur during menopause, psychological trauma leads to seizing problems. Thus, they are most at risk. It is recommended to initially identify the essence of the issue and only then can the tasks be overcome. Girls first of all need to understand what their main difficulty is. If it all depends on the emotional state, get rid of stress by eliminating the irritant or take remedies that normalize the general psychological state. Faced with hormonal disorders, it is better to visit an endocrinologist and gynecologist. This will allow identifying a number of diseases and further adjusting the scheme for reducing fat accumulation. When it comes to appetite, there are ways to combat hunger: drinking plenty of water before meals, supplements, being busy so you can forget about food.

Features for men

Men are less emotional while more resilient than girls. It is enough for them to go to the gym and diet to achieve results. You can use drugs such as Masteron, Winstrol, Testosterone Sometimes it is difficult for men to give up friendly gatherings where they do not control the amount and calorie content of food, supplementing it with strong drinks. Due to constant employment, it is difficult to follow the diet, which leads to overeating. Nutritionists recommend having small snacks with healthy foods or using protein mixtures, as well as giving up bad habits.


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