How to restore sex drive in women

Intimate relationships between a man and a woman are considered an unacceptable topic of discussion. Family life is often destroyed, precisely after the manifestation of the lack of sexual desire of one of the partners. In the information space, you can find a lot of information about the diseases of men whose sexual activity has been disturbed, few people care about women’s problems. According to recent studies, more than 50% of the fair sex experience difficulties in relationships and lack of sexual activity with a partner. After the desire has disappeared, the girls begin to feel inferior, they are looking for a solution to the problem anywhere but at the doctor, blaming the partner subconsciously. In fact, a lack of libido can occur for a variety of reasons from physical and psychological factors. Girls experience indescribable suffering, often getting depressive disorders. It seems to them that nothing can be fixed, the relationship has cooled down and requires changes, the partner is most likely cheating on them. These fantasies and assumptions have destroyed more than one family.

If you think that a decrease in libido only applies to women after 40 years, you are deeply mistaken. At any age, in the aggregate of different factors, sexual attraction may disappear or partially disappear. Please note that only 10% of girls, faced with a disorder of this nature, go to specialists. Others believe that this is too intimate a topic and for years they may be looking for someone who can ignite passion in them. Of course, the point is not only in the absence of a competent approach, but also in the shortage of specialists. In many cities where the population is minimal, you rarely find a professional doctor dealing with women’s health problems. As a rule, a visit to a gynecologist does not give the desired result. A doctor may examine and suggest medications such as women’s Viagra. Before you despair and push yourself to the last plan, study your body, compare the factors, familiarize yourself with the main reasons for the decrease in sexual performance:

  • Long-term relationships – most of the time with long-term relationships, the fair sex is busy with anything but their physical and psychological state. Household chores washing, cleaning, children are exhausting both physically and emotionally, and by the evening a woman loses all desire for sexual pleasures;
  • The absence of preludes before the act – not every man understands that caresses, kisses are required before intercourse, this is a very important process for the fair sex. Foreplay helps you focus, turn on your fantasies, tune in the right mood;
  • Sex as a duty – if a partner believes that she is obliged to satisfy all the desires of her lover, she tunes in only to his needs, forgetting about herself. This of course ends with a lack of attraction and orgasm and, as a consequence, hatred of the opposite sex;
  • Lack of consideration of the girl’s desires – the man is busy only with his fantasies, believing that for the fair sex this is superfluous, she is a slave to his fantasies, and slaves have no right to desires. Such an attitude occurs quite often, leads to a break in relations;
  • Poor women’s health – gynecological diseases, previous infections, operations, all this negatively affects women’s libido;
  • Sexual intercourse with a casual partner – in the modern world, many abandon family life, preferring to build a career. In this case, most often the girl chooses random partners so that affection and feelings are not present. In this case, not every woman succeeds in relaxing and having fun;
  • Shyness – of course, now the sex life is not hidden from people, it is actively discussed in the media and other information sources. Many cannot be so open about intimacy for them, the word sex is something dirty and out of the ordinary. Therefore, they keep silent about their true fantasies, hoping that the man will independently solve their desires;
  • Low self-esteem – not everyone can boast of ideal external data and excellent character. Hence, low self-esteem, girls cease to feel beautiful, and if your husband also says that you have recovered or you have the first wrinkles, you have no time for sex.

All of the above problems can be corrected with libido stimulants. Preparations for the restoration of sexual desire in women are popular all over the world. Women’s Viagra allows you to feel the fullness of your life and strengthen your own ego. Due to the maximum effect and the absence of side effects, it can be used at any age. Of course, some are inclined to believe that the best stimulant is the husband and traditional treatments. Experts warn that using traditional methods can exacerbate the problem. Do not rely on tinctures and ointments of your own preparation, this can lead to hormonal disorders and a number of consequences.

виагра для женщин - путь к гаромонии

Types of drugs to restore sexual desire in women

On the pharmacological market there are various means to enhance the libido and sensitivity of girls. To choose a really necessary and effective drug, you need to adhere to the basic rules. Viagra is most often used for these purposes. This time-tested remedy works quickly and provides desire for several hours. The product is produced by various pharmacological companies in several forms:

  • Women’s Viagra powder;
  • Capsules;
  • Tablets;
  • Gel;
  • Drops;

Each organism has individual characteristics. For this reason, it is important to make sure that there are no contraindications and side effects before the course. It is important to consult a doctor and exclude allergies to active and auxiliary substances. If you do not have the opportunity to visit a specialist, call our consultants at the phone number indicated on the website. Please note that female Viagra in tablets is original, all other forms are generics. Beware of counterfeits, check the code and holograms on the manufacturer’s official website.

How does female Viagra work

Many are wondering about the difference between drugs with one active substance in the composition. There are a number of products with different names, but the components in the composition are identical, Viagra for women is no exception. Many do not understand how it differs from the male counterpart, because in both cases the main component is Sildenafil. Pay attention to the composition and quantity of active and auxiliary elements. The main advantages of male pills are the effect on the strength of the erection, the female pathogen affects the amount of lubricant released. The main problem of the stronger sex is physical inability, that is, the lack of an erection, and in women this is most often associated with a psychological barrier. Please note that the compositions are significantly different:

  • Male stimulant – calcium hydrogen phosphate, magnesium stearate, croscarmellose;
  • Female pathogen – titanium dioxide, cellulose, triacetin, lactose;

Drugs for increasing libido in women allow, in addition to orgasm, to get a surge of vitality, eliminate sexual problems, and improve mood. The female medicine was created by scientists taking into account the needs of the girl’s body. Many couples, trying to save money, buy one drug for two, which, as a rule, leads to the excitement of only one of the partners. You shouldn’t save on pleasure, because sex is an integral part of life, like water or food for the body.

Women’s Viagra: analogues

Analogs of female Viagra appeared almost immediately after the original. The original remedy was gaining popularity with maximum speed all over the world, so many pharmaceutical companies decided to make money on a well-known brand and began to produce analogues. Everyone who has faced the problem of choice understands how difficult it is to make the right purchase of a quality product and at the same time get a positive effect. The most popular aphrodisiacs for girls are:

  • Cenforce FM;
  • Femalegra;
  • Lovegra;
  • Tadafem-20;
  • Fliban;
  • Kamagra Gold.

Our store represents the interests of many pharmaceutical companies and offers its customers a wide range of original products for various applications. Here you can buy the following drugs to increase libido:

  • Centurion Laboratories CENFORCE FM;
  • Viagra (sildenafil) CENFORCE;
  • ICEMAN Ice Pharma;
  • AlphaGra (Sildanefil citrate) Alpha Pharma;
  • Super Fildena FHC.

You can find detailed information on the store’s website. Before buying, you can get a free expert consultation. Our product is certified and meets all quality standards. Reviews of the products of these manufacturers are of a different nature, you can also familiarize yourself with them in a special section on the website.

Women’s Viagra: True or False

With the release of new pharmaceutical products on the market, a lot of disputes immediately arise about the benefits and harms of drugs. So with female libido enhancers, many myths have appeared, sometimes reaching the point of absurdity. Before trusting various rumors, you need to study how this or that drug works, what is the feature, how to take it correctly;

  • Many believe that female Viagra and alcohol are incompatible substances. In fact, it is not forbidden to take tablets together with alcoholic beverages, but there is a possibility of side effects. Especially with caution you need to use the pathogen for people suffering from hypertension, cardiovascular diseases.
  • Women’s Viagra and contraceptives go well together and complement each other, although some argue that this is not possible. Please note that hormonal contraceptive drugs often reduce libido, and Viagra stimulates the body, improves mood and promotes smooth and passionate arousal. Thanks to the pills from conception, the girl feels more confident, is not afraid of an unwanted pregnancy, and her psychological mood improves. The partner is also pleased with the result, since he does not have to interrupt the act. Collectively, doctors recommend that girls of childbearing age use these drugs together to improve their sex life.

Each qualified specialist will tell you about the main rule for the use of such substances. Safety is paramount, so it is recommended that you ensure that you do not have any health problems later in life before taking your first pill.

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