Growth hormone or somatotropin, which is better to choose?

The effect of growth hormone on the human body.

Growth hormone is produced in the human body by the pituitary gland (a round-shaped appendage of the brain). Responsible for the metabolism and fatty acids, as well as the growth and development of muscle tissue. Acts on amino acid residues, saturating muscles with energy, stimulating contraction. Converts fat accumulations into energy, prevents further accumulation due to the breakdown and oxidation of fat. Affects muscle mass, increasing its volume.

Growth hormone positive and negative effects

Positive properties and features.

  • Promotes the rapid growth of muscle and bone tissue. It has a beneficial effect on a young body, accelerating all growth processes.
  • Utilizes subcutaneous fat deposits in a short time without shock to the body. Prevents the accumulation of fat in the subsequent period.
  • Promotes rapid tissue regeneration in injured athletes, restores the function of heavy physical exertion.
  • Strengthens bones and joints, reduces stress on them.
  • Makes elastic ligaments.
  • It has a rejuvenating effect, acting at the cellular level. It is often used by the elite of show business (singers, models, TV stars).
  • It has a strengthening effect due to its direct effect on human immunity. Protects against external irritants.
  • Affects the growth of muscle cells by increasing the musculature. Used by many athletes as an alternative to steroid substances. It differs from steroids in a completely different way. Unlike anabolic steroids, which increase only myocytes during the course, the hormone acts on muscle cells.
  • After a course of growth hormone, there is no rollback, the muscles are elastic and embossed with a drawing of veins and muscle fibers.
  • Increases overall physical performance (strength, speed, endurance).

Cons of growth hormone, negative properties.

  • During the use of the hormone, an increase in the internal organs of the bones and abdomen is possible. The jaw can also lengthen, the ears, nose and limbs can increase. (Recommended for real athletes cabergolin preis) Such a reaction of the body occurs, as a rule, through the fault of athletes who do not comply with the dosage and increase the time of application. Most often, side effects of this type occur in professional athletes who use 50 mg of the substance per day. If you follow all the rules of application and the standard dosage, negative consequences can be avoided. Consequences of a similar nature are observed in professional athletes with a long experience of using growth hormone.
  • Drugs in this category are expensive drugs that are not available to every fan. Many people use generics, but their cost is at least $ 500. At the same time, the quality of generics does not always satisfy athletes. The high cost is not affordable for most hobbyists.
  • Duration of use, gradual effect. The first results can be felt and seen no earlier than the expiration of one month. The full course depends on the purpose and type of sport, as well as the individual characteristics of the organism. The result depends on the duration of application, the purpose and the initial indicators.

Common side effects.

Growth hormone is a powerful drug that affects the body’s metabolism. Every even harmless substance can cause extraordinary reactions in the body. In this case, side effects of various kinds are possible:

  • During the course, after the first month of use, pain in the bones and joints appears. The athlete feels discomfort throughout the body; pains in the ligaments appear during training. Tunnel syndrome, as this reaction is called, occurs due to the growth and development of the body.
  • After a long course, the work of the thyroid gland may slow down, the hormonal background may change. In this case, you need to contact a sports doctor or other specialist. To improve the work of the thyroid gland, you need to include the drugs Thyroxin or Triiodothyronine in the course. Pay attention to your well-being throughout the course.
  • During the use of growth hormone, fluid may accumulate in the tissues. In this case, the athlete’s blood pressure rises, swelling is possible throughout the body. Adverse reactions occur due to high dosages.

Dosage scheme for using growth hormone.

The dosage of the drug is carried out based on the gender of the athlete, weight category, sport and individual characteristics of the organism. For men, the standard dosage is no more than 10 units. per day, for beginners, 5 units are enough. per day. The fair sex can use no more than 5 units. per day. Before using, study all the nuances in order to avoid all kinds of negative reactions. Each drug has a different dosage. On the pharmacology market, you can purchase powder vials of 4, 10 and 50 units. To dilute the powder, you need to use special water for injection, which is attached to each drug. Injections are given with an insulin syringe.

To get the correct solution, you need to take 1 ml of saline and add 10 units of powder. As a result, you get 10 units. the finished substance. The dosage for girls will be half a bottle per 50 kg of weight, for men, respectively, more than 10 units. for 50 kg of weight. The finished solution is stored in the refrigerator until the next injection. It is impossible to freeze the drug, this will lead to the structural destruction of the molecules of the substance. You can find out the rules for the introduction of the substance on the Internet. According to the rules, the substance is injected into the adipose tissue near the navel. The injection should be done at an angle of 45 degrees. The recommended time of admission is morning or evening before bedtime. Before the first use, be sure to study all the nuances of the application and consult with a sports doctor for contraindications.

Which somatotropin-based drug to choose?

The pharmaceutical market does not stand still. Every year, more and more growth hormone-based drugs appear. All of them differ in price, quality, and also by the manufacturer. The most relevant drugs today (Ansomon, GenoPharm, Hygetropin, ZPtropin, MGT Neofin Aqua, Neofin Aqua and others). It is sometimes very difficult to choose even for professional athletes. To understand all the nuances of choice, you need to know the features of the original growth hormone and generics.

In this article, we will understand in detail and select the highest quality drugs. The originality of the funds plays an important role and directly affects the final result. Originally produced drugs are of high quality and legal production. For their creation, only high-grade raw materials and precise modern equipment are used. All production processes are monitored at every stage and before implementation. The production of generic drugs is usually uncontrolled and as a result, you can get a low quality hormone. The only advantage of such drugs is the affordable price. Of course, if we consider the pharmaceutical market as a whole, we can conclude that there is a counterfeit among any drugs. Make sure the seller is legal before buying.


The most popular drug from China is sold not only within the state, but also outside its aisles. It is made from refined raw materials, which adds advantages to it. Controlled by international organizations and meets all international quality standards. Produces powder and ampoules with liquid contents in two forms. The price is quite affordable, which makes the hormone popular in Russia. For a long time after going on sale, it occupied one of the leading positions in the world market. The need for this product has decreased since the advent of the new drug Hygetropin.
If we take today as a basis, it can be noted that Ansomon has reached a new level of demand due to the modification of the formula. Now the drug has become better and more effective. Many professionals now give their preference to already proven means. The high price does not confuse the consumer. In our online store you can buy growth hormone at a really affordable price 55,000 tenge.

Most promising liquid based growth hormone. During production, several stages of purification go through, which allows you to get a really high-quality and safe product at the exit. This is the only product of this type officially registered in the Russian Federation. It is an elite drug and sometimes even exceeds the quality of the previous hormone. During the use of this tool, only the positive qualities of the substance are noted. More and more counterfeit drugs appear on the sports pharmacology market. Experts recommend purchasing drugs only from authorized dealers. We work directly with renowned manufacturers around the world and guarantee the originality and high quality of products. Make sure to visit our website and check out all types of growth hormone.

CHO nanotrope

Гормон роста Nanotrop

This type of growth hormone is produced from refined raw materials of standard quality. It is appreciated by athletes for a low price of only 36,000 tenge for 100 units. Available in bottles of 10 units. in fact 9 units. Minor deviations from the norm suggest that the drug is not of original origin. The quality is not inferior to the original products and gives high results. The manufacturer improves the quality of the substance every year, and soon the consumer will be able to try the improved drug that meets all quality standards. Valued in sports among professional amateurs and girls.


The drug is of high quality, considering that it belongs to generics. The affordable price and quantity of the powder makes it in demand in the sales market. It is produced in 10 units, but in fact there is a larger amount of substance in the bottle. If we compare prices, this drug is not inferior in cost to the original products. Due to the high quality and use of pure raw materials during the production, it is very popular among professionals and amateurs. Exceeds the positive qualities of Hygetropin and Nordex. Many professionals use this type of growth hormone to achieve their goals. You can buy somatotropin preparations in our online store. Here you will find a wide selection of original drugs at an affordable price from the manufacturer.


Growth hormone from a Chinese manufacturer. Entered the sales market in early 2006. It is not of the best quality generics. After the scandal at the 2013 Olympics, the plant for the production of this substance was closed, and now you will not be able to find the original even on the black market. The somatotropin of this manufacturer is synthesized in clandestine laboratories, the quality is questionable. Many amateurs, trying to save money, purchase this remedy, after which there is a lot of negative reviews about growth hormone. Experts do not recommend using this type of doping due to possible negative consequences. It is not worth the risk, there is an opportunity to purchase higher quality products on the market.


An original drug of high quality. It first began to be produced 12 years ago and gained great popularity in Russia and the CIS. The manufacturer took care of the consumer and introduced several levels of protection against counterfeiting. Buying the original drug, you can be sure of this. Each bottle has a corresponding hologram, watermarks and additional protection. Suitable for almost all athletes and amateurs, regardless of gender. It allows you to gain muscle volume and burn a sufficient amount of fat in a short period of time. The hormone does not cause tissue water retention and other side effects. Often used during pre-competition drying. It is appreciated by girls for the quick effect and affordability of the purchase. The price for 100 units is about 80,000 tenge. Of course, this is an impressive amount, but quite acceptable to achieve a high result. As a rule, the final result depends on the quality of the preparation. You can buy this type of growth hormone in any pharmacy network, as well as in our online store at an affordable price. We offer a range of sports products with delivery throughout Kazakhstan and beyond.


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