How to increase testosterone in men

The level of the natural hormone testosterone in men depends not only on age, but also on external factors of influence. Of course, inevitably, after 30 years, many have a significant decrease in natural matter. It is no secret that this primarily affects the sex life and provokes a number of diseases. Yes, you heard right, a minimum amount of the hormone can cause a number of diseases of the prostate and other organs and systems. A healthy lifestyle and a number of physical activities will allow you to fight the problem:

  • Weight Loss – If you have succeeded in gaining fat tissue, you need to get rid of those extra pounds. Scientists have long proven that the male half of humanity, which is prone to this problem, usually have problems in the reproductive system.
  • Intense physical activity – will remove excess fat, restore the functioning of the whole body, and contribute to a rapid metabolism. It is important to exercise for at least 20 minutes a day. Divide this time into a three-minute warm-up and follow-up sessions of 30 seconds, 7 sets of 90 seconds apart.
  • Zinc Allowance – Eat foods rich in zinc. This category includes: meat, lean fish, dairy products, beans. Delightful results can be achieved by following a specific diet.
  • Strength Training – Start body work with strength training. The principle of work is fewer approaches, more weight. Before starting classes, be sure to consult with your doctor about a number of contraindications.
  • Sports supplements and vitamins – you should start taking dietary supplements, which must contain vitamin D. The daily intake of this substance should be at least 600 IU. Of course, if you are in the sun for 5 hours a day, that will be enough.
  • Stress – Get rid of stress and external stimuli. If you cannot do this yourself, start taking natural sedatives.
  • Glucose – Avoid sugar-containing foods: baked goods, soda, fast food, canned food, pasta.
  • Fats – Consider your diet and get rid of unhealthy fats.
  • BCAAs – start taking essential amino acids. They will speed up the process of fat burning and tissue repair. Promote rapid recovery and saturation of the body with strength and energy.
  • Fasting – do not starve for a long time, so the body will gain even more fat. Fasting should be inconsequential. Use pure protein shakes between meals.

Testosterone Norms

The level of the male hormone varies with age, it is inevitable for the stronger sex. If by the age of 18 this number reaches its maximum, then by the age of 30 the reverse process begins. Every year a person loses 2% of the total indicators. Thus, in the period of adulthood, the values ​​increase to 38.5, then by 50 these indicators may decrease to 8.64. It will depend not only on external factors, but also on your lifestyle. Of course, there is a category of people who, by nature, have insufficient production of the male hormone. In this case, therapy is prescribed.

Testosterone Boosting Drugs

  • All types of testosterone are steroids that increase self-production to maximum levels. Suitable for people without chronic diseases. Contraindicated in adolescents. Affect muscle growth and increase strength and endurance.
  • Aromatase inhibitors – slow down the aromatization process, thus avoiding hormonal collapse.
  • Antiestrogens – prevent the conversion of Wässrige Suspension von Testosteron to female sex hormones. Contributes to the improvement of general condition and sexual performance.
  • Gonadotropin – stimulates the hormonal system to work harder, improves sperm quality.
  • Testosterone boosters are supplements that stimulate the production of the male hormone. They are absolutely safe and have no contraindications.
  • Anabolics are a group of steroid drugs with an extended spectrum of effects. They have the maximum effect on the body, normalizing sex life, increasing strength and speed abilities, and promoting the growth of muscle mass in large volumes.
  • Vitamin D – can be used alone and in vitamin complexes, which is much more effective.
  • Biologically active complex ZMA – similar in effect to boosters, but has a more targeted effect.
  • Tribulus is a herbal supplement used in sports after hormonal therapy and among amateurs to increase potency.

Lifestyle to boost testosterone

  • Proper nutrition without harmful products.
  • Healthy sleep for full recovery.
  • Physical education, visiting the gym.
  • Eliminate stressful situations, a measured but active lifestyle.
  • Diet for weight loss as needed.
  • More sun.
  • Avoid alcoholic drinks and soda.
  • Increase your sexual performance.
  • Try to use natural products.

Power and mode

You should not neglect your diet, because what you eat for breakfast will affect your mood, well-being and hormonal system. It is important not only to choose the right products and, but also to follow the diet:

  • Eat often and in small meals at least 6 times a day.
  • Eliminate smoked and fried foods.
  • Try to spread out your daily routine so that you eat at the same time. If this fails, replenish with protein or gainer supplements.
  • Don’t eat late, it will increase the accumulation of fat.
  • The diet should contain proteins, fats and carbohydrates.
  • Be sure to eat fruits and vegetables. Fiber helps cleanse the intestines. It is especially important to eat broccoli and Brussels sprouts as they slow down the production of estrogen.
  • Fish and seafood are a constant source of omega 3 and 6.

Remember, your reproductive system develops along with your body, your comfort depends on your lifestyle.


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