Health in bodybuilding: Don’t touch it with your hands!

Doctors have found that half of all colds (with runny nose, cough and sore throat) are due to infection by hand. If a sick person picks up a doorknob, the viruses will live on it for another 24 hours. All it takes for a healthy person to open a door is for viruses to reach the palm of their hand and then migrate to the mucous membrane of their lips, eyes or nose. However, it is not just door handles that can transmit infection.

US health experts have investigated the homes of people with colds and found potentially dangerous places and objects that could endanger the health of other family members. Viruses have been found on electrical switches, telephone handsets and video controls. The most viruses were found on items in the bathroom. Experts advise everyone who is ill to get septic wipes and wipe down all objects and handles they touch behind them. This will keep pets out of harm’s way.

The difference in approach

American sexologists have tracked the eye movements of men and women while watching a pornographic film, using sensors. Contrary to expectations, when watching intercourse, men have little interest in the biological mechanics. They are more attracted by the sensual experience written on the face of the actress. As for women, the experimenters were surprised by the following crucial difference.

If the woman did not take hormonal birth control pills, she was vividly interested in all the carnal details of coitus. Those women who were on the pill were not attracted to other women’s genitals. They passionately looked at the costumes of actors and their surroundings. Sexologists offer the following advice. To “ignite” a partner who takes birth control hormones, try to dress masculine and elegant at the same time. Pay special attention to the external entourage. You can’t do without a scented candle. Otherwise, you’ll just have to be a little more assertive.

Mice give a hint

Scientists have found that mice deliberately avoid fellow mice when they’re sick. It turns out their noses pick up molecules that appear in another mouse’s urine when it’s infected with bacteria and viruses. Scientists have already managed to identify the receptors that are responsible for such remote diagnosis. They hope to create a device that works on a similar principle and can detect human disease by smell.

A tasty solution to the problem

Sometimes male sperm cells carry a defect in certain chromosomes. This sperm defect is very dangerous because it leads to miscarriage or the birth of a child with Down syndrome. Studying the sperm samples of 100 men, American doctors noticed that healthy sperm was in those subjects who ate a lot of folate.

If you and your wife are getting ready to get pregnant, take 400-800 mcg of folic acid twice a day. Include green leafy salads, oranges, legumes, wholemeal bread, beef liver and honey in your diet. All of these foods contain high levels of folic acid and its derivatives.

High hopes

As you know, some amino acids cannot be synthesized by our cells, and therefore must enter the body with food. These amino acids are called essential amino acids. For a long time, sports medicine believed that of all the essential amino acids for bodybuilders only BCAA amino acids (leucine, isoleucine and valine) were really important.

However, recent experiments have shown that additional intake of other essential acids has an amazingly powerful muscle stimulating effect. There is even a brand new recommendation in bodybuilding to take a solution of essential amino acids directly during exercise. Continuing the logic of research, sports physicians turned their attention to essential fats.

Attempts to give athletes such fats during an aerobic session have not been successful. However, scientists are not going to give up on the experiments, as they believe that essential fats also have anabolic potential.

You can’t go wrong

The omega-3 family fats are not synthesised by the human body, but they are present in many foods, so you get them in your diet every day. Another thing is that you might not get enough of them. The content of different types of fats in the body has to be balanced. If the natural balance is disturbed, you can expect all sorts of misfortunes. Such as? Researchers studied the blood of 124 obese men and women, and they all had low levels of omega 3 fats.

The researchers are convinced that taking extra of these fats will restore the natural balance within the body and help shed extra pounds. You can take their word for it and start taking omega 3 fats as a weight gain prevention. Either way, you won’t miss out. Omega-3 fats have many benefits for the athlete. They ‘quench’ joint inflammation and speed up recovery. Take 1-3g of fish oil capsules 2-3 times a day with meals.

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