What are SARMs

Pharmaceutical companies are increasing their assortment by producing a large number of drugs for medicine and sports. Many people think that in the world of new technologies it has become easier to create funds for the treatment of various diseases. Few people know that most of the new products that appeared on the market after 2000 are the developments of scientists of the 20th century. Now SARMs are very popular in sports. These funds were developed in the 40s of the last century, for the treatment of diseases associated with a lack of testosterone and other hormones. Also, drugs were used for muscle atrophy and growth and development delay in children. The abbreviation SARMs received such a name for the convenience of the buyer and stands for selective androgen receptor modulators. In action, they differ little from hormonal agents, except for the absence of side effects. The main advantage of modulators is the effect on the growth and development of muscle mass without aromatization and other consequences that are on the AAS course. For this reason, these products are most popular in professional and amateur sports. Suitable for men and women regardless of experience and purpose. Thanks to their versatility and safety, they allow you to quickly gain volumetric muscles, increase strength and gain advantages in competition. Despite the fact that this category of substances belongs to safe stimulants, it is recommended to consult a doctor and trainer. To understand what sarms are, familiarize yourself with all the qualities of substances:

  • Increases the rate of muscle growth without aromatization;
  • Increased strength, performance, training performance;
  • Prevents muscle breakdown, atrophy;
  • Reduces the amount of water and fat in tissues, making muscles elastic;
  • Provides endurance on and off the course;
  • Allows you to recover faster after physical exertion;
  • Promotes the acceleration of tissue regeneration after injury;
  • Relieves bone pain, strengthens the skeletal system;
  • Increases energy potential, eliminates fatigue;
  • Normalizes sexual desire, erection;
  • It has a positive effect on the emotional state, preventing depression;
  • Improves the performance of other drugs;
  • Strengthens the immune system.

All those who have tested sarm drugs on themselves were satisfied with the result. The main advantages of the funds are the lack of influence on the hormonal system, a wide range of actions, and also an affordable price. The drugs in this group can be purchased legally in any country in the world. They are not prohibited for professional sports, which is important with such tight doping control. Perfectly combined with other sports products, without causing negative reactions. Well tolerated by the body, providing elastic muscles and energy explosion.

САРМы в спорте

How SARMs differ from anabolic steroids

Every athlete has used a variety of physical aids throughout their career. All drugs and sports supplements differ in composition, properties and, of course, the presence of side effects. After sarms went on sale, they became the most popular for gaining mass. Now one in four athletes prefers androgen receptor modulators, contrary to popular belief. Before the production of these funds, anabolic hormones were actively used. It is very difficult for beginners to choose between steroids and sarms for fat loss or muscle gain. This is due to the small amount of information about such products and the horizons of their use. To understand how modulators differ from AAS, you need to study all the nuances of using both tools. A distinctive feature of SARMA is the following factors;

  • Lack of aromatization on the course and consequences such as water retention and gynecomastia;
  • Does not suppress natural testosterone production;
  • Rehabilitation therapy after the course is not needed;
  • It is possible to gain muscle without injections;
  • Not converted to dihydrotestosterone;
  • Can be combined with other drugs, regardless of composition;
  • Affordable price, legality, no doping testing;
  • Strengthening the immune system.

It is important to remember that sarms can be used for drying and other purposes, no matter what gender or end goal you have. These pills have become indispensable aids in sports and medicine. Many beginners ask the same question, what is the best to use in sports. This question will remain unanswered, since each of the drugs has positive and negative qualities, the choice is always up to the athlete.

How to use SARMs correctly

There are several types of sarm which can be used for sports purposes. Depending on the type of drug and its action, you can accurately calculate the dosage and achieve success in just a few months of use. It is important to choose a drug for the purpose and, of course, experience:

  • For beginners, Ostarine (MK-2866) is perfect, it acts quickly and gently without negative impact on the hormonal system and health. This type of sarms is not dangerous, but it can accelerate the set of muscles, as well as undergo a drying course with maximum efficiency. Dosage from 10 to 25 mg per day;
  • For professionals – Ligandrol (LDD-4033) will provide muscle growth, increase strength capabilities, and prevent catabolism. They are powerful drugs, therefore they are often used by professional athletes. The dosage is very convenient, just 1 capsule per day of each drug after a meal;
  • For weight loss – regardless of gender and amount of excess weight, Cardarin (GW501516) is suitable for fast fat burning. Many do not know how to take sarms and calculate their own dosage. What is worse, people do not understand that it is not worth waiting for a result just from taking a pill. For those losing weight with a lot of weight, you need to develop a special diet and exercise regimen. Athletes use this drug during drying to improve muscle relief;

Please note that if you use sarms, side effects are virtually eliminated. But if the athlete neglects the dosage and uses it for a long period of more than 12 weeks, minor disruptions in the functioning of the whole body may occur.

Types of CAPM

Any sports store has a wide variety of drugs and supplements and of course SARMs. The seller offers the buyer the most profitable product for him, but the athlete must understand the types in order to choose the one that is really needed. There are 2 main types of modulators:

  • Steroid – were developed at the beginning of the last century and were used for a long time in medicine until the 90s of the 20th century. They are similar in effect to steroids, but have the least side effects;
  • The non-steroidal group is very popular in professional sports. Improves physical performance, without hormonal interference and effects such as estrogenic manifestations.

If an athlete decides to use drugs of this type for sports, he should familiarize himself with all the nuances and understand which sarms manufacturers are the most popular and demanded in sports:

  • Magnus;
  • Alcaloid;
  • Magnus Pharmaceuticals.

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